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Happy Initiative spendet 10.000€ für den guten Zweck Happy Initiative donates €10,000 for the good cause Welcome Willkommen an unserem Happy Place. Willkommen an
unserem Happy Place.
Happy Initiative ist Dein Türöffner zu einem glücklichen Herzen.
Das Streben nach Glück ist unser Weg. Komm´und folge uns.
Unsere Projekte Über uns
Welcome to our
happy place.
Welcome to our happy place. Happy Initiative is your door opener to a happy heart.
The pursuit of happiness is our path. Come and follow us.
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Happy Us

We are a happy group of people, ready to share plenty of smiles. Localized all over Europe and working voluntarily with this project, Happy Initiative is here not only to bring light into other’s lives, but into our own as well. Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it.

This initiative sprouted from soil in March 2020 in the depth of the Corona-crisis. A time when laughter went silent, community was replaced by loneliness and when Corona was not only a flu, but a major threat to the whole world and to life as we knew it.

We are looking for others who are ready to roll up their sleeves and who want to make a difference. Happy Initiative supports people and animals in need all around the globe.

Let’s be happy together.

Happy Vision

Our vision is to create a happier world where everybody is able to master their lives independently and conduct a life in dignity, peace and security. Happy World!

Happy Mission

Our mission is to support animals and people in need often triggered by natural disasters or/and political conflicts, regardless of their origin, gender, age, political or religious beliefs. Become happy!

Happy Together

Covid-19: We made animals & people happy.

The Corona Virus in beginning of 2020 already took a major influence on our present and will be on our future living and behavior. Taking care of others and each other selflessly will be more important than ever. Sharing is caring.

During these challenging times, we believe that it is our responsibility to monitor the current situation and to try to assist non-governmental organizations who are struggling to make ends meet. During April 2020 we have been in touch with a number of NGOs and have given several donations which will help them with their increasing expenses. Organizations who have benefited from these donations include, YMCA Malta, Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, MSPCA, Association for Abandoned Animals and Noah’s Ark Malta. Apart from this, we are looking for other organizations in Malta and all over the world. Happy together.